#1 Best Way To Beat The YouTube Algorithm

Most video traffic is generated by YouTube’s recommendation system, not search results. Once you post a new video, you must prove to the YouTube algorithm that your video is worthy enough for them to recommend it to other viewers, and to rank you higher in the search results.

If YouTube isn’t doing this, building a successful channel is impossible. You can’t rely entirely on traffic you personally send to your own videos. You must convince the YouTube algorithm to work in your favo

What can you do so the YouTube algorithm notices and rewards your videos?
Within seven days after posting your video, it’s critical to get likes and premium long lasting views. This is the time when the YouTube algorithm decides how much your video should be recommended, and how high you should rank in their search results

I recommend a minimum 2,000 premium views and 20 likes to kick start every video, soon after its release. You want to stay around 5-10% with your “likes to views” ratio to keep it realistic.

This “likes and views” kick start will not only help you with the YouTube algorithm, it also shows viewers your videos are somewhat popular and worth watching, which could lead to subscription too.

Your channel might really have great content, but if your videos all have 100 views or less views, unfortunately this screams to the visitor, “don’t waste your time here!” Why should they? No one else is. On the flip side, thousands of video views intrigues the visitor to find out why other people are watching them.

Note – Of course there are other YouTube algorithm factors like total subscribers, total number of videos you’ve posted, how long you’ve been on YouTube, etc. that will eventually catapult you to mega viral status! This takes time.

But, it ALL starts with generating free traffic to your videos and channel. And this starts with kick starting each new video with at least 2,000 premium views and 20 likes. Of course you can go more, but we’ve found with our clients that this small amount is a good starting point for new channels. If you’re already established, go 50k and 500 likes!